Birt Berglund

karl-erik sigbjörn birt berglund (b. 1986 in stockholm, sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in sound and music.
recurring themes in his work include noise, sound, queerness, language, philosophy, conspiracy theories and weird stories.

he is also part of seroconversion and kronofonika


Verklihgeten framkallas (Developing Reality / Calling Forth Reality)

Verkligheten framkallas is a video work documenting the development of two polaroid photographs depicing Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO:s).

The project examines the history of photography in relation to Ufology; representations of reality, confirmation bias, "proof", polaroid photographs and conspiracy theories.

The project is a sibling to the work Verklihgeten framkallad (Reality Developed / Reality Called Forth) consisting of the actual polaroid photographs depicted in the video work.

Video excerpt and installation photographs below.