Birt Berglund

karl-erik sigbjörn birt berglund (b. 1986 in stockholm, sweden) is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in sound and music.
recurring themes in his work include noise, sound, queerness, language, philosophy, conspiracy theories and weird stories.

he is also part of seroconversion and kronofonika


Public Toilet Report

Public Toilet Report the public toilet as both a physical object and as site for producing queer noise while at the same time pointing towards the queer practices of sex and cruising in public spaces.
Cruising in public places (traditionally seen as a gay male practice) can be seen as an intervention, whhile public space can be seen as both a site for oppression and resistance.

Created and performed by Seroconversion (Birt Berglund and Johan Sundell)

Documentation of performance below (2022-10-13)
Performed as part of group exhibiton Liquid Excess (together with Nils Aglder and Timo Menke) at Galleri 54, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Video documentation by Nils Agdler and Timo Menke