Never Ataraxia is a project exploring themes of ancient greek philosophy, acid music and its aesthetics, etymology, depression, visual culture and signification. 
It is an experiment in ambivalence – how sound, text and image in (dis)placement constitutes and inform each other.

Ataraxia, a term originating from the greek philosopher Pyrrho of Elis (c. 360 – c. 270 BCE), can be described as a state of emotional and mental equilibrium, where an individual is free from worry and distress. 

A cassette titled Never Ataraxia was released in 2019 on the cassette label Kronofonika. A digital only companion ep titled Living in a Barrel was also released at the same time. Artwork for the cassette was illustrated by Magnus Lenneskog where the concept for the cassette artwork was a joint venture between Birt Berglund and Magnus Lenneskog.