The history of The Hollow Earth is a complex branching history. If we leave out mythical and religious concepts of an underworld or netherworld the “modern” history of Hollow Earth is often thought of as starting in the late 17th century. From then on this history folds and unfolds, bend and morph itself through fact, fiction, myth and conspiracies – including the occult, flying saucers, lost continents, ancient aliens, secret military bases, science fiction e.t.c..

Working with artificial intelligence I am trying to (re)construct a sort of composite Hollow Earth – one that blends the rich history of all the different theories but at the same time also embodies the conspiratorial thinking that enables these theories to begin with. The viewpoint is as much critical as it is a celebration of fantastic stories and visions of the world we live in.

The two main works in the project are Thought-Forms and Fragments.

Thought-Forms is the title on a collection of videos created from AI-generated images. Feeding the AI text phrases that connect to the Hollow Earth-history, it tries to generate images that portray this text input. This generative process is recorded with snapshots and animated into a video. 

Fragments is a collection of slide images with text, shown one after the other The texts are fragments from AI-generated text, based on its training on a collection of Hollow Earth-literature.

Downward is the title of the music in the exhibition; a dual stereo composition consisting of orchestral and electronic music. The instruments are playing phrases of a downward minor scale with different lengths, creating a constantly changing and overlapping soundscape – always on its way down but never arriving at the bottom.